This is a page that is in urgent need of update... for instance, in San Miguel de Salinas, we have restaurants and bars that continue to provide the best of service... we also have ones that have disappeared or changed... we also have new businesses that no longer exist.... and as a result we think we have failed you... We are now preparing a new review page with a listing for every bar and restaurant in San Miguel de Salinas (22 September 2009) 

Bistro Orquidea
Calle Alberto Barbera 17
tel: 649 186 862 - email
Bistro Orquidea - No better example can be provided than Bistro Orquidea in Calle Alberto Barbera (just up the hill from EuroSalinas next to the new Post Office). Quite why we have not reviewed this venue is a mystery. With a successful lunchtime menu @ 8.95€ and an evening menu @ 13€ it provides good quality food with the Belgian touch of Marina & Paul, who are long term residents of SMdS. You need to reserve a table to dine at the small, but bijou, Bistro Orquidea and you can expect some of their National dishes including waffles and eels in green sauce.... well each to his own. But Bistro Orquidea served nearly a metric tonne of Belgian mussels or Mosselen last year so it must popular; actually it's a real favourite with some of our German and Belgian neighbours.

April 2008 - I promised a new recommendation... hey it's in Torrevieja, what's going on here! Well Mesón Giovanni Pizzeria is one that has to go on the list... I don't expect it'll be featured elsewhere on the web but this is always good. Menu del Día is 8.50 euro (that's it) and with a choice of 5 starters and as many main courses, salad, bread, postre, wine and more wine it can never be faulted for value or quality. It's on a parade/strip in The Torretas, close to a Mercadona, and you have ask yourself why it's always full and its neighbours aren't! Another secret is out and with one of my favourite waitresses 'Fairy' (that's more how you say it than spell it!) you are in for a treat!

And get down to Bar Cafeteria ODYSSEIA on the roundabout at the bottom of JUAN XXIII (behind Market Street) on the corner of The Ronda... great little new Bar decorated in the Medieval style... why? Because Chavi is Bulgarian!

It didn't take the natives long to find Mesón del Lago - our latest new restaurant in the grounds of El Castillo del Conesa - The Castle of San Miguel de Salinas.

Pictured (left) are local residents Lindsay, June, Bryan and Paul who have been waiting along time to 'get into the castle' - and (right) our old friends from Harlow, Val, Tom Lyn & Dave out for a visit.

See our opening review below + coming soon is a dedicated page on El Castillo del Conesa

Susie Jack & Tracy were very attentive to guests at the opening of FRISSAN on 5 May - as you know we like to feature the 'workers', especially happy ones!
It is our aim on The Rough Guide to 'tell it like it is' - good or bad, and we believe we are qualified to do so - Krimo has his own restaurants serving a wide variety of Mediterranean Dishes and our Editor has a Degree in Hotel Keeping and Catering from Thames Valley University. He was also a Director of The Tourist Information Centre in Newquay Cornwall.

If you are reading our reviews please don't ever forget that it is the staff you don't see that make a big contribution to the success of a restaurant...we never forget!

Bistro Orquidea

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And more reviews coming - Easy to forget the obvious...Casa Antonio in Calle San Miguel is a favourite with many including Radio San Miguel's Caz 'The Barber of Quesada' who rates the tapas and the fish dishes.

And La Cueva de la Tia Ramblera in Calle La Cenia has re-opened after all the disruption with the roadworks rejuvenation of the beginning of the Barios de las Cuevas area. This is going to be a favourite...see our review below.

We will be giving our ratings and you can be involved too, especially if you disagree, by making your comments.
We will be telling the restaurants too, because it's all about YOU, the consumer, having good food, fine wines, and good service in clean and ambient surroundings and at a realistic price.

Our reviews are just a qualified guide...a meal is only as good as it is on one particular visit...our ratings can also change! We want your SMdS experience to be a good one!


Louise Clarke writes:
I have just had one of the nicest meals in a very long time at the El Toro Steakhouse which is on the Torremendo road, just up the road from Lo Rufete stables. The restaurant, which only opened on Saturday, is on the La Oficina Urbanisation. There were 7 of us who went and we all loved our meals.. even the kids enjoyed it and ate every morsel. They also offer a FREE mini bus service to and from SMdS so that you can enjoy a drink whilst you are there (A great idea!) If you reserve a table, with a min of 2 people, they will collect you and deliver you home safely after your meal and drinks within a 10km radius... How good is that? It is well worth a visit!

Mesón del Lago
At Castillo de Conesa
Ctra CV 952 Rebate
San Miguel de Salinas

Open all days lunch & dinner
The Restaurante Mesón del Lago is the first part of El Castillo de Conesa - The Castle of San Miguel de Salinas to be opened to the public (5th July 2007) and is certain to be a firm favourite with residents and visitors alike. We are preparing a full feature on El Castillo de Conesa and its owner Don Antonio Conesa who wants to provide a true attraction for SMdS. The restaurant menu is simple and inexpensive, rather than being of haute cuisine standards - a deliberate decision on his part to ensure that the widest tastes are satisfied and everybody enjoys the experience.

Already we have reports of the friendliness of staff - and as you know we always feature the workers on this website - good basic fare and a beautiful setting. This is undoubtedly one to visit - you will not be disappointed... more on El Castillo de Conesa soon.

Open 9.30 for Snacks
16.00 for Cafe & Pastries
20.00 Dinner Reservations
Closed Sundays & Mondays
I am very biased when it comes to La Cueva de la Ramblera because I always find owners Katherine and Rafael such a charming couple with great plans and much foresight for the development of the Cave Area of San Miguel de Salinas.

So what can you expect? Traditional Spanish fare of the best quality in original troglodyte surroundings with more than a soupçon of owners charm. Primarily it is tapas but don't be put off - it is lovingly and freshly prepared daily - Tapas is about having a 'little of what you fancy' from Sepia en salsa to Berenjena Rellena (cuttlefish and aubergine that is) and there are also other traditional local dishes like Caldereta de Atun - a light stew of vegetables and tuna in a flavoursome broth. Small dishes - rationes or rations - is the normal way of ordering tapas and price wise they range from 3 - 6 euros according to the complexity and ingredients of the dish. This will end up with a Five Wings Award I feel sure, so give it a try! Editor 

La Casona de Miguel - Pizzería
& Take Away

Calle Antonio Gala S/N
off La Ronda Oeste
Tel: 664 082 060

Closed Tuesdays

(Just off the ring road)

We've had plenty of opportunities to give La Casona de Miguel a proper review and we have now been given a timely reminder by 'Stanjay' (forum) to mention it.

This spacious and comfortable Spanish run restaurant is very attractive and divided into two areas creating a perfect venue for private parties. In fact we have been to a few now and you could not ask for a better evening. The menu ranges from Pizzas and Pasta dishes to various meat & fish dishes as well as very good tapas. The staff are very pleasant and nothing seems too much trouble for them. They also do a very good MDD.

For Parties, any number up to about 60, @ 14 Euros per head it is excellent value - everything included & La Casona de Miguel will also lay on live music or a disco. The whole party experience puts it out in front amongst the Eateries of SMdS for this type of evening.

Monday thru Friday Casona has a Menu del Día at 5 euro to Take Away and 9 euro to eat in. And you can get a Roast Chicken from their Polleria San Miguel - next door.

Updated 14th June 2007

Rincón de Miguel

Vistavella, 15
Los Montesinos
Tel: 966 721 220
This great review comes from forum member 'pickerboss' who reports,
"I hope this revue is acceptable as it is not in the Pueblo.
At a loose end one day we decided to have a walk around Los Montesinos. It started to rain so we ducked into what seemed to us a typical little Spanish bar. To our surprise it turned out to be a large very Spanish Restaurant. Spanish workers, collar and tie workers and some tourists. The waiter and probably the owner Miguel took time to explain (in between laughs and jokes) what the Menu Del Dia was (no printed menu’s); he has learnt to speak a little English so he can talk to the girls at the swimming pool (or that is what he said). There were four choices for each course plus drinks, salad and bread.

Our guest reviewer Pickerboss
with Miguel of Rincon de Miguel

I started with “Momma’s Chicken soup not sure of the bulls balls in it (Miguel's words not mine), hubby had a selection of meats, cheese and prawns. For main course I had Liver and Chips (no mushy overdone veg) and it was the best I’d had for a very long time. Hubby had pork chops with pepper sauce and chips. To finish I had ice cream and hubby had whisky cake (he hasn’t come out of orbit yet). Loads of atmosphere laughs and jokes (probably at our expense) but all in good humour. Don’t be deceived by the outside appearance (as we normally are) is well worth a visit. It is also appropriately noisy as all Spanish bar/restaurants should be. 8 Euros per head excellent value we thought. (May 2007)

Stuart & Jayne Marsh

La Ronda Oeste
San Miguel de Salinas
telephone 966 723 485
& 687 948 074

Open Evening Only
The long awaited opening of our latest eatery - FRISSAN - took place on Saturday 5th May 2007 and we are pleased to say that it has all the hallmarks required for another good dining experience. Stuart & Jayne proved to be perfect hosts to the local people who had helped them and were very exuberant about their new project. Staff provided the best of attention and we were pleased to be able to speak with Second Chef Lee who told us he had worked with Stuart previously. Lee described the cuisine as classic international with a few of their special touches. We did notice the Medallions of Kangaroo, cooked medium with a rich red wine jus, amongst a varied menu. Our reviewers - local diners will be the best judges of the experience. We wish FRISSAN every success. 

Alan & Alison Byrne's
Market Street Restaurant

Calle Calvario
San Miguel de Salinas
telephone 966 723 965
& 600 371 706

Open Evenings ONLY +
Open for Sunday Lunch
Closed Sunday Evenings and Mondays

Smoking & Non Smoking Sections

Whenever Market Street is reviewed it seems to maintain the highest accolades, hence our continued 5 wings award. In the latest from Chris (forum) he tells us that Sunday Lunch was 'Yummy food as we had before, we all were stuffed. Going Dec when over'.

The experience of good food well presented, charming and attentive service in very pleasant  surroundings remains outstanding - even though it's a little more expensive than the rest.

We will always use that term 'Brightonesque' if only to describe the Market Street style... perhaps Brighton has moved on even further, but, when first opened it did bring a new look to San Miguel de Salinas that has, since, been replicated. Creating the benchmark was a great achievement by Alan & Alison Byrne and maintaining it at this high standard is even harder. This is reflected in widespread recognition and Alison's - Coastrider 'Start up Success Star' award. As a knowledgeable reviewer I always head for the kitchen to see Alan whose skills and cuisine are as much the reason for us having such a great restaurant in the pueblo. If you haven't tried it you must!

For dinner allow 36 euros per person (maybe more) and The Sunday Lunch Menu is 16 euros. We remind you that you have to book to eat at Market Street.

The food and ambience of Market Street never fails to impress clientele, but there's much more - the charm and quiet efficiency of a happy team dedicated to providing good service  - Jessica Ruth and Carla

Pizzeria y Cerveceria San Miguel
'Los Techos Bajos'

Calle Tomas Perez Castano, 1

Located on the corner of the same street as Rufe´s, Orbita, and Alan's Gym, behind the health centre.
Sometimes we fail you by missing the obvious as FOXY reminds us about Pizzeria y Cerveceria San Miguel in the centre of the pueblo... he reviews it as follows (16 Feb 2007):
"I am really surprised that this restaurant hasn't had more reviews or votes on our Forum. We've eaten here about 7 or 8 times now over the last couple of years, and loved it every time. Downstairs is more of a tapas bar, but upstairs is where you'll find the main restaurant and kitchen. Tonight the 2 of us (yes, we had babysitters) had bread with alioli, massive salad, the usual extravaganza of tuna, sweetcorn, olives, anchovy, lettuce, tomato and gherkin, a bottle of house white wine (a bit warm at first but they brought us an ice bucket for it when we asked), grilled chicken and chips, steak and chips - filete de ternera - the cheapest steak on the menu, not massive but very, very good) + coffee for 24 Euros."

FOXY says, "If you don't add it to your list of eateries to try don't say I didn't tell you!"

Denicos Restaurante & Lounge Bar

Calle Dr.Fleming
San Miguel de Salinas

Reservations 671 194 580

Lounge Bar 10am - 6pm
Luncheon Menu 12.30pm - 3pm
Dinner Menu 6pm - 10.30pm

Review pending
We are delighted to announce the opening of Denicos Restaurante & Lounge Bar on Tuesday 19th December 2007. The Mayor Ángel Sáez Huertas attended with Carol Matthews of Local Radio San Miguel 107.4fm to meet Norwegian Manager & Head Chef Robert (pictured). Congratulations were also due to Owners and UK Restaurateurs David & Edna Oakley who invited all those who had helped them in this project.

We have high expectations for Denicos; much experience backs this latest edition to the pueblo's eateries and with promises of an exciting array of international dishes using local produce + the comfortable lounge bar we feel sure it will be a great success.
Recommendations SMdS FORUM Member 'bic' writes 12.02.07: "We've eaten at Denicos four times now. Each has been very good. The pate is now home made. The 'lenguados' (Sole) on the a la carte were large although slightly over cooked. The puds are excellent. Sunday lunches at €13 are excellent value for money - a choice of four roasts, three starters and three puds. Staff are very pleasant. I would give it a 4."

Bar Alegria

also known as
The Nut House

Plaza de la Constitución
San Miguel de Salinas

What number do you see on our wings? Smoking permitted!

No SMdS guide, official or otherwise, could fail to mention San Miguel's Nut House. It is an 'experience' rather than a simple bar, and it is said that it gained its name because, as premises without a licence, it sold peanuts and gave away the beer! We suggest it could also be so called from some psychiatric reference as this is a serious drinkers venue. The pueblo would be a poorer place without the characters that frequent The Nut House, the friendly abuse extended to guests, and the sheer popularity of this den of iniquity.

Rincón de Paco

Calle Rafael Nabona, 2
San Miguel de Salinas
Tel: 966 723 038
Mobile 616 599 563

Closed Mondays
Booking is recommended
Seating for 30 + Bar
Smoking permitted

This small Spanish bar cafeteria in the centre of the Pueblo is very popular with The Spanish and Foreign Community: it gets one of our highest recommendations. It is always a difficult task to qualify what makes a restaurant 'one to visit' especially when visitors, particularly, have many places to choose from, only a short time and may not want to risk something different.

So this is why you should try it. You'll get a very friendly welcome, there is a good and full 'a la carte' menu (with some English) including steaks and fish dishes, paella, and a good variety of tapas. The food is well presented, well cooked and good value with an 8€ menu del día and a 10€ evening menu.

Indian Restaurant
& Take Away

Calle Rafael Narbona, 4
San Miguel de Salinas
telephone 661 268 110

3 course 'Early Bird Special' from 5-7pm at 9.50€  proves excellent value.

New resident of SMdS Gary writes, "Some friends, my family and I went to the Shalimar Indian Restaurant in San Miguel last night (18 Oct 2006) ...not seen it on the 'trade' pages. The restaurant is very nice and clean and gives a good initial impression ready for the meal ahead. The service was a bit slow to start with and then picked up….all very friendly and precise, with pleasant cutlery, table cloths etc…..all seemed a bit better than the average. Food however was excellent and the best range I have seen for a long time. All plates arrived pre-heated and the food was piping hot. All of us, including our friends who are keen ‘curry eaters’ thought it was excellent with one saying it would be his new favourite…….I would recommend it to anyone and will certainly be going again." This review has been sent in by a resident of SMdS and reflects the general comments about Shalimar...why not send in your review

Our comment - "A 'spotless' Shalimar Engine Room."
Recommendations: Don & Sheila Bell have emailed the website (11th February 2007) - They say, "We ate at the Shalimar on the 8th and 9th of February 2007, on both nights we were very impressed with the quality of food and service. A very friendly atmosphere very clean and tidy. The food was fantastic, if your looking for a good curry this is the place to go, the menu has a very large choice, the staff always had a smile on their face and nothing was too much trouble, highly recommended, we will be going again.

Calle Rafael Narbona,18

11am till late

You have to try PITUFU, which is no longer the mystery we told you about a few months back. There are three things that PITUFU can offer that no other 'snack bar' can...firstly the very special Apple Pie, homemade by WILKO's mother in the classic Dutch style...second, the very best chips in the pueblo, which you can get as a take-away with a pretty mean our friend, Dutchman WILKO, who has definitely added his own touches and a 'different' new exciting menu. We have said to FORUM enquirers 'if you catch WILKO without a an ambulance' and this has made it a favourite, not just for the Apple Pie and chips, with the local Spanish and 'foreign' customer. I have yet to try the blue slush puppy, so popular with the Spanish kids. And now that PITUFU offers internet access it must be a true example of the beginnings of 'cosmopolitana' and an asset to the list of places for you to try. - Editor

Wilko & Stina at the fiesta

Calle Alberto Barberá, 9

Smoking Permitted

Editor's Recommendation
4 Wings for Minerva Cafeteria Pasteleria the washed blue Cafe in Calle Alberto Barberá, 9 - that's the road alongside Eurosalinas Supermarket going up the hill. We like Minerva, where you can get a decent cup of Tetley Tea, with the milk served separately, and a pastry at a reasonable price, it's about as near as you'll get to a proper cup of tea in San Miguel de Salinas.

The comfortable lounge feel adds to the experience and they have many English-speaking and Spanish customers. Make the effort to walk up that hill - you'll always get a warm smile and little seems to be too much trouble...we like that!

They have a wide range of cakes and a good snack menu. There is a very pleasant ambience created from paint washed walls and terracotta floor tiles, but to cap it all the services/toilets are clean. Well done Minerva! - (Feb 2006)

El Rancho

La Marquesa
Ctra.San Miguel de Salinas - Los Montesinos

Telephone nos:
609 541 695
659 497 311
616 071 058




Krimo writes, "On our quest to find the village of La Marquesa, if there such a place, we stumbled on El Rancho, which is possibly a Stable first, then Restaurant and Bar, then Olympic Swimming Pool Complex. In a bid to help with recycling the flower beds were covered with fresh horse manure. This resulted in a restaurant and  surroundings rather drowning in a very undesirable aroma.

The interior of El Rancho is modelled on a Spaghetti Western saloon with the appropriate Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash in the background.   

From the 10 Euro menu of the day we chose lamb stew and cream of shellfish for starters and the usual grilled chicken breast and rabbit. The stew was a few fried potatoes in sauce with bits of meat more akin to beef than lamb. The cream of shellfish tasted of powder. With the main course, instead of the ubiquitous chips, we were treated with two slices of potatoes topped with a mixture of tinned mushrooms and sweet peppers. Dessert was Crema Catalana.

Now whatever I have said in this review up to now, my overall impression is that I am certain it will be very popular with Country and Western Music and Horse Lovers, much like my editor. If you are having a drink and a snack after riding - great, but for me, reviewing El Rancho as a restaurant critic, the food needs to be drastically improved to entice me back.  A great setting a couple of miles from San Miguel de Salinas on the way to the yet-to-be-discovered La Marquesa.

Editor - La Marquesa would best be described as a hamlet and is marked on our municipal map. I shall certainly be trying El Rancho: whilst this is a restaurant review, different tastes require different venues.  I like horses, I like Country & Western and I have been intrigued by the development of El Rancho over the last couple of years, and after all it is probably a riding stable with a bar/cafeteria/snackbar.

Las Cuevas
Barrio 1° de Mayo
San Miguel de Salinas
tel: 966 723 432

Visited by Krimo on 22 September 2005

Las Cuevas, “The Caves” is not an easy restaurant to find. We found ourselves walking on rooftops in our quest for this elusive eatery! It is housed in San Miguel’s ancient cave district. The underground feel is carried throughout the several rooms, once the cave homes occupied by the Felicianas and Campanilleras Families that make up Las Cuevas Restaurant. Great care has been taken in choosing the various artefacts that adorned the walls and you can dine privately in your own cave. 

The menu promised an array of unusual starters such as prawns with foie gras, sweet peppers with anchovies and little gems stuffed with smoked salmon and cheese. When it arrived however, the food did not live up to our first impression of the restaurant. We had hoped for a departure from the usual Spanish fare and were softly let down. The prawns and foie gras came with a warm sweet sauce on a bed of shredded lettuce, the sweet peppers, most certainly out of a tin, were artistically arranged around the plate and dotted here and there with anchovies and the stuffed lettuces were just as simple.

The main courses, good medallions of beef with a herb butter and a delicious slow baked shoulder of lamb were both let down by the cold, brown attempt at ratatouille and the ubiquitous thin chips. To finish we chose the cheese board, which disappointingly turned out to be six slices of dry, Parmesan-like cheese. The bill with a bottle of red wine, coffees and brandies was a very steep 111 Euros for three people.

Krimo says, "Although Las Cuevas was an unusual restaurant and full of character I am not sure whether I am glad I found it in the end. It turned out to be just another beautiful Spanish restaurant spoilt by very average use of good ingredients."

Major Cuisine

Ground Level, Villamartín Plaza, Orihuela Costa 03189 Reservations:
Day 607 822 775
Evenings 966 764 886

Our Rating Pending

Black & it or hate it... we think we have found you a gem in Villamartín Square and it comes by way of recommendation from a regular website visitor, who was particularly impressed with the exciting Sunday Roast Lunch Menu @ 14. Starters included Tiger Prawn Bisque topped with Lemon Froth and Smoked Duck Liver Terrine: the classic Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, Chicken Sauté or Grilled Salmon topped the main courses. But it was the selection of fresh vegetables....are you listening Españoles?...and the efficiently polite service by a happy and smart team in stylish surroundings that was enough to list Major Cuisine in our restaurant reviews.

Terms like 'Experience Modern Mediterranean Cuisine'  and menus with dishes like bisque with froth and smoked duck terrine...often mean silly prices...not this time! The restaurant, which goes for 'black and white' big time only fails for not opening for lunch outside Sunday...let's not spoil a good thing! They open every evening with an equally impressive menu and reservation is recommended. Editor

Restaurante Gala

C/.19 de Abril, 35
telf. 965 720 011
reservation recommended

I have always thought of Gala, clearly amongst our town's top restaurants, as having a certain air of elegance. It does boast a fairly extensive menu set out in two of the three course dinner for 13 euros including wine: the bill showed a small and rather annoying addition of 1.20 per head for bread and alioli. In the 3 years I have known Gala it  has changed little and it relies successfully on a tried and tested format. It is always busy and booking is recommended. Service is discreet, efficient, trained and relaxed.

My starter was sopa de pescado, a favourite and rather more a stew, with 7 large shell on prawns and chucks of white fish and calamari in a flavoursome fish stock and my wife had the Tropical Salad. Our main courses - Lenguado - a pair of Sole, and Sirloin Steak, wafer thin but cooked to perfection poco poco hecho - rare with a green pepper sauce, were both accompanied with good chips and predictable processed mixed veg. Postre del Dia was very ordinary ice cream.

So what did we think? Personally I think the whole experience is very pleasant, food is very good...but they serve too much food...I have thought the same for three years. They could easily reduce the size of the menu and improve on the lack of choice for the sweet and so make the meal of more realistic value. Gala is currently undergoing alterations and the restaurant will be larger in September with the home furnishings, amongst which many customers like to browse, moving across the road to their other premises. I would like to think that they will also take the opportunity to try a few menu changes . Editor

Restaurante Rebate
Finca Rebate, Ctra.CV952 10.5 kms
Tel: (0034) 965 368 229

Verdict: We are sure that, had the sun been shining on a warm summer's evening, the experience would have been a little more agreeable. The food on offer will need a massive overhaul to tempt us back.


The drive from Entre Naranjos to Rebate past the new Torremendo Urbanisation proved very wearisome on this rainy night with our neighbours trailing behind us.

We got to the restaurant at 8pm, trudged in yellow mud, past the little chapel whose front steps were covered with rice: we were later told that there had been a wedding that same afternoon. Our party of six ran up the wide steps to the conservatory doors to avoid getting soaked. The one and only waiter on duty welcomed with a wide smile and led us to a table next to that of a British couple, the only other customers in the whole place.

The cuisine is traditional Spanish. Karen enjoyed the Elche dates wrapped in smoked bacon whilst I had the King Prawns swimming in olive oil. Other starters selected and served to our party were Tortilla, a Cornish-pasty-looking pastry and a pâté.

We ordered an array of main courses ranging from chicken to fish. Karen enjoyed a chicken breast stuffed with sweet peppers. I had a very disappointing brochette of fish and seafood. A little while after we had started on the main courses the waiter brought a tray with 6 grey and very unappetising vegetable mousses which remained untouched.

The highlight of the evening was the champagne we were offered to celebrate the boss's son becoming a dad. A shy cheer went up from the now ten customers present.

New Review being prepared

Doña Isabel Restaurante - C/.Padre Jesus, 5 - tel: 965 720 848 (closed Tuesdays)
We have given Doña Isabel our 4 Wings Award based particularly on Ambience, Friendly Service, and Cleanliness. As with most of our restaurants in San Miguel de Salinas there is a general lack of international cuisine - flare, but this restaurant goes some way to present basic Spanish Fare in a stylish way. There is a Menu del Diá - cost Lunch 8€ and Dinner 15€  including wine


 New Review being prepared

Meson El Prado - C/.Lope de Vega  - tel: 966 723 241 (closed Thursdays)
We simply cannot ignore the fact that El Prado is probably the favourite amongst our local restaurants in San Miguel de Salinas. It's because it retains its charm as a real Spanish restaurant and yet caters for the different cultural tastes of their Spanish and Foreign clientele. It's very much a family affair dining at El Prado, whether a party of two, twenty two or a hundred and two. The Kitchen is adapting to changing tastes...slowly, but if we gave them less than their deserved 4 wings award there would be riots.
Menu del Diá costs for Lunch 9€ and Dinner cost 12.50€ including wine

Restaurante Viloriens
Old Rojales to Guardamar Road.
Tel: 966 712 263

Krimo's visit on
Saturday 9th April.

Situated on the old Rojales to Guardamar Road, this restaurant proved quite elusive even with the map provided alongside its advertisement. But as we drove down the narrow lane we understood why this restaurant is popular. The building is very impressive with a large terrace at the front. The entrance leads past a quaint lounge bar and a bodega full to the brim with wines. The dining room is made up of a series of rooms separated by arches and holds an average of 70 seats.

As it happened to be one of the party's birthday we were already in a good mood. The food consisted of a comprehensive choice of bar meals as well a specials board. The menu was reminiscent of what a good country pub back in the UK might display, with a bit of 'hit and miss' experimentation. English favourites like liver and mash mingled with more exotic stuff like Fresh Tuna with Tapenade. There was also the choice of a massive dish of colourful vegetables.

I am quite confident that on a good day the chef/owner could produce some good food judging from the sauces on offer, but on the day we visited, he must have been having a bit of a lapse. Overall I think it's worth a try and it has our 3 Wings Award.

La Herradura
Avenida Del Mar
Los Montesinos
96 672 10 78


Krimo's review 1st October 2005








Krimo previously said, "Tucked away between a petrol station and a tile warehouse (but with a bell tower to mark its presence), La Herradura,  or "The Blacksmiths" turned out to be an amazing piece of 19th Century Spanish architecture. The entrance, an old portico, opened onto a beautiful courtyard surrounded by a roofed canopy where one could dine under a starry sky. Other whitewashed walled rooms around the courtyard offered other large and widely spaced tables amongst old farm implements and wrought iron lights."

This was our second visit, the first having been rather disappointing. Our restaurant manager son was very impressed with the interior and décor. The young waiter was “on the ball”, approachable but most certainly keeping his smiles for the end of the shift, I guess. I immediately noticed that the menu was slightly different with the previously listed “hedgehog eggs” now more appropriately described as “wild mushrooms”. Three starters were had. A chicken soup with truffles and puff pastry, cannelloni of wild mushrooms and a salad of duck gizzards. All were different from the run-of-the-mill starters on offer in local restaurants. They all looked and tasted very nice. Had there been a change of chefs, we wondered.  

Unfortunately, the main courses proved us wrong. A duck magret with fruit of the forest sauce, a little on the sweet-and-buttery side, an overcooked dish of monkfish with clams and brown ratatouille, a fatty veal cutlet and an unimpressive fillet of turbot.

A cheese board made of old slices of Manchengo completed the meal.

Overall impression - Our initial delight with the surroundings and starters was soon overshadowed by the dismal main courses. Both cooking and ingredients left a lot to be desired. The meal including two bottles of Rioja and two bottles of water came to 148 Euros for four people. Very overpriced given the quality of the food.

Editor's Bit - The interesting architecture provides a splendid setting and the service is good: on the other hand several visits have provided very different gastronomic experiences, one very poor in a larger group. And it is quite expensive.

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